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Y-Chromosome testing can trace the male lineage and is a very useful test for genealogists as well as males who need to know whether they are related along the male line.

All males have a Y chromosome (females do not have a Y-chromosome). A male's Y-chromosome is passed down to him directly from his father, and his father inherited his y chromosome from his father. The Y-chromosome is passed down relatively unchanged from a male to all of his sons, and his sons pass it down to all of their sons and so on.

Code Test Type Turnaround Time Cost
P-1426 20 Marker Y-DNA STR Test - for 1 Male Individual 3 to 6 weeks $119
P-1427 44 Marker Y-DNA STR Test - for 1 Male Individual 3 to 6 weeks $199
P-1428 67 Marker Y-DNA STR Test - for 1 Male Individual 3 to 6 weeks $269
P-1429 91 Marker Y-DNA STR Test - for 1 Male Individual 3 to 6 weeks $339
P-1430 101 Marker Y-DNA STR Test - for 1 Male Individual 3 to 6 weeks $420

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Y-Chromosome Test Applications

IThe Y-chromosome test has many powerful applications:

Determination of Whether Two or More Males are Related: Identical twins are twins which originated from the same egg and the same sperm. They are genetically identical and are always the same sex. Although identical twins usually look very similar, it is sometimes possible for identical twins not to look exactly the same.

Solve Ancestry Questions for Genealogists: Because the Y-chromosome is passed down along the male line, the same way that the surname is passed down from a father to all of his sons, Y-chromosome testing is a very useful tool for genealogists who are interested in tracing their surname. The Y-chromsome test is able to help genealogists gain definitive answers when they reach a point in their research where they do not have paperwork to establish a family link, or if they need to prove a hypothesis. Genealogists can now order their Y-chromosome test directly from our ISO accredited testing laboratory without having to pay marked up pricing through a genealogy testing reseller.

Fraternal twins originated from two different eggs and two different sperm. Fraternal twins are the same as siblings which are born at different times and can be the same or different sexes. Like other siblings, fraternal twins can look very similar or can be very different in appearance.

At the time of delivery, the delivering physician tries to determine whether twins are identical by seeing whether they share the same placenta. However, this is not always clear and is not always an accurate way to determine whether twins are identical or fraternal. When twins are the same sex, the most conclusive method for determining twin zygosity is through DNA testing. Identical twins will share identical DNA profiles, and fraternal twins will have different DNA profiles from each other.

Guide for Y-DNA STR Marker Profile Testing Procedure

  • Order the private Y-DNA STR Marker Profile Test kit online or by telephone toll free at 1-855-552-3244.

  • Follow the easy instructions for collecting a mouth swab sample from the individuals. The sample is collected in just seconds by rubbing the swabs provided in the kit gently inside the mouth.

  • After sample collection, return the samples to our laboratory using the return packaging included in your test kit. You are welcome to call our laboratory at any time to check on your test and to get preliminary results over the telephone using your password and file number. Official results documents are sent to you by mail or email after the test is complete.

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