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Split Kit

If the parties to be tested live at different addresses, we can split the kit and send the kit to each address separately. Since the kits are individually barcode labeled, they will be tested together once the samples arrive back at the laboratory. To order a split kit, simply state “please split this kit” in the comments box of the online order form. Please also indicate which name and address to send each component. Alternatively, you can choose to have the entire kit shipped to you and you can split the kit yourself and send the components to the other parties in the test.

Legal Testing Guarantee

The private test is the best solution for those who need to find out the truth about paternity before deciding on the next step. If, after you receive the results of your private test, decide that you need the legal test, the full cost of the private test will be deducted from the legal testing cost, so you don’t need to pay twice!

About Us

We specialize in providing state of the art DNA testing services to legal clients, government departments, and private clients across the United States, Canada, and in most countries worldwide.

We are committed to utilizing the most advanced testing technologies to ensure the highest level of accuracy, rapid turnaround times and guaranteed accuracy. Our laboratory has a network of over 3000 facilities worldwide for chain of custody specimen collection services for legal casework.

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About Us
Highest Accuracy

Our laboratory offers the highest quality DNA testing service with the highest level of accuracy. Our laboratory protocols ensure that each test is run two times. Our quality system exceeds industry standards. All results have guaranteed accuracy.

About Us
Advanced Technology

Our testing facility utilizes fluorescent laser detection of sequencing products with multiple ABI prism 3100 and ABI prism 310 instruments. Most of the steps have been fully automated, ensuring the highest industry standards.

About Us
Rapid Results

All samples are processed immediately upon receipt, ensuring that there is no delay in processing time. Most test results are available in just 1 to 2 business days.

About Us
Greatest Experience

Our laboratory is staffed with multiple PhD laboratory directors who are experienced in expert testimony and court proceedings.

About Us
Court Recognition

All legal test reports are performed by our affiliated AABB and ISO17025 accredited laboratory and exceed court recognition requirements.

About Us
Expert Court Testimony

In the event that expert testimony is required, our laboratory is able to provide expert PhD testimony and expert testimony letters to facilitate your court proceedings.

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