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Split Kit

If the test participants live separately, we can ship the individual swab kits to each person’s address. To request a split kit, please mention “split this kit” in the comments section when ordering online and tell us where to send each part. Alternatively, we can send you the whole kit to divide and send out yourself.


Online orders can be placed 24/7 and will be shipped within 1 business day. Next business day express courier shipping is available in US and Canada only. International orders will be shipped via priority air mail.

Legal Testing Guarantee

The private test is the best solution for those who need to find out the truth about paternity before deciding on the next step. If, after you receive the results of your private test, decide that you need the legal test, the full cost of the private test will be deducted from the legal testing cost, so you don’t need to pay twice!

DNA Cousin Test

This particular examination aids in determining the probability of a biological relationship in cases where the alleged parents cannot be present for testing. The at-home DNA cousin test is particularly suitable for families who wish to investigate the likelihood of individuals being cousins when the parents are unavailable for testing. Conveniently conducted using painless mouth swabs, this cousin test can be carried out within the privacy of your own home. Rest assured that all tests are conducted in our accredited laboratory.


Need a legally admissible test for court?

Technical Information

The DNA cousin test should only be utilized when it becomes impossible to test the alleged parents and no other relatives are available for testing. Compared to a DNA paternity test, the DNA cousin test is relatively less powerful and is considered the least robust among kinship test types. Thus, it is crucial to consider the DNA cousin test only in situations where testing the parents is unattainable and no other viable relatives can be tested. It is important to note that the paternity test consistently yields a definitive and conclusive outcome regarding paternity. Therefore, whenever the alleged father is accessible for testing, the paternity test remains the recommended option due to its superior power and conclusiveness. However, in cases where testing the alleged father is not possible, and there are no alternatives except to test cousins, the DNA cousin test can provide a statistical analysis of the probability of a biological relationship.

Guide for Home Testing Procedure

Step 1: Order Online

Order the private DNA Paternity Test kit online or by telephone toll free at 1-855-552-3244.

Step 2: Collect Samples

Follow the easy instructions for collecting a mouth swab sample from the child and alleged father (mother is optional). The sample is collected in just seconds by rubbing the swabs provided in the kit gently inside the mouth.

Step 3: Receive Results

After sample collection, return the samples to our laboratory using the return packaging included in your test kit. Results are available in just 1 to 2 business days. You are welcome to call our laboratory at any time to check on your test and to get preliminary results over the telephone using your password and file number. Official results documents are sent to you by mail or email after the test is complete.

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